A Few Things Everyone Should Know about Domains, Servers & IP Addresses

//A Few Things Everyone Should Know about Domains, Servers & IP Addresses

In case you have used a computer for a relatively long period of time, you have probably heard about servers, domains, IP addresses and other similar terms. It is also very likely that you have ignored them because you think that they are relevant only to computer geeks or people who are focused on the IT sector. But, the fact is that everyone can benefit from learning more about domains, servers, and IP addresses. These terms are interconnected, but they also have some specific characteristics. In this article, we will provide a short explanation which will help you acquire basic knowledge.

Domains explained

Your domain is actually the name used to describe your website. Selecting the right domain is very important for those interested in achieving online success. In order to understand what domain names are all about, you should think about physical addresses. Domain names on the Internet act like addresses in the real world. It is good to point out that every part of the domain reveals certain information. For instance, www.sample.com consists of three parts. “www” is a subdomain prefix which means World Wide Web. “.sample. “ is a sub-domain and the name that identifies your site. Finally, .com is a top-level domain. In addition, to .com domain names there are also .us, .info, .biz and many other top-level domains that provide additional information about the nature of a specific website.

Servers explained

Now here’s another popular and broad term used today. A server, in correlation with domains and IP addresses, is a computer program. This computer program provides access to websites whenever it gets such request. At the same time, the machine that allows the program to run is also known as a server. To put it simply, when an Internet user types the address of a certain website in the address bar of their web browser, the browser automatically sends a request that is picked up by the server. The server then responds to the request and provides the content of the website to the Internet user. This is possible with the help of IP addresses or Internet Protocol addresses that every device connected to the Internet has. This is a unique number that lets computers and servers find each other and connect to the network.

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IP addresses explained

So, an Internet Protocol address or simply IP address represents a unique identifying number assigned to every single computer or device connected to the Internet. You can compare it to a car license plate. Generally speaking, the domain name is a more meaningful link to the IP address. These links contain only numbers which don’t mean anything to ordinary users. That’s why we need domains. Every domain is like a nickname for a unique IP address that uses servers to establish connections between the pages and end users.

We hope that this short guide has helped you understand the interconnections and specific properties of domains, servers, and IP addresses.

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