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Is Domain Age a Valuable Factor in Google Rankings?

How important is the domain age in Google rankings? Is domain age crucial for SEO? Read this article and discover all information you need to know!

There has been a long discussion when it comes to domain age. Apparently, a lot of people, business organizations, business owners, and all people related to the online world would like to know exactly how important is the domain age in Google rankings? Is this a crucial factor to rank higher on Google? Let’s found out!

First, we have to mention that Google is a domain registrar but it didn’t allow for individuals to buy domain names from them. From this, we can conclude that Google is trying to check the spam by getting a more close connection to the expired domains. This is a smart move for Google. They originally became an ICANN-accredited and official domain registrar with no intention at all of offering the option of buying domain names from them. Their final goals were to use domain name data in order to enhance and upgrade the search algorithms. There have been many other registrars offering expired domains such as Shopify. 

What is Google Rankings?

Why is this important?

Well, this proves that the domain name age is essential for Google as the age is a part of the ranking system and the search algorithms. Usually, well-established and popular websites have older domains or we can say that websites with older domain names are better and well-established.

The newly registered websites can be well-established and popular as well, but it will be a more challenging process. Google considered the newly registered websites as a spam, so you need to invest an extra time, effort, and money to prove Google they are wrong.

In a nutshell, even if you are owning a legitimate site but you use a new domain name, there might be a possibility that Google will look at you suspiciously and would do anything to keep the internet users away from your site.

How long your website has been around the internet? Is it indexed by Google already?

Even though we came to a conclusion, the question – is domain age a relevant factor strikes again. This proves that there is always going to be a discussion related to domain age.
But now we are going to focus on something else or how long your website has been around the internet and is it indexed by Google already.

You need to keep in mind that domain age is not the same as how long you own a certain domain, but for how long it has been indexed by Google. For example, if your website is registered for 5 years, it does not mean that Google thinks of your site as 10 years old. In other words, your website should be indexed by Google first and then you can start counting the days, months, and years.

The point to all of this is that older domain names do better in Google search results. The idea behind this is that an older domain name has already earned a certain level of trust by Google while the younger and new domains must work hard to earn that trust.

Even though we mentioned that domain age is a vital factor in Google rankings, there are some experts that say that domain age is actually an insignificant factor and that it carries a little weight in the search results and Google algorithm.

There are a few factors that are more important for a certain website to rank well such as a high-quality content, the quantity of the content, and the external back-links to the content.

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